Staying sporty on the move

Although the holidays are already over, we bet you’ve got another trip lined up!

Whether your enjoying a beach holiday, a weekend at the spa, a business trip or a city break, they all have one thing in common: while you’re away from home, consistent training and a balanced, healthy diet are often forgotten.

Have you had this problem too?

When we travel, time passes far too fast. That’s why we want to use that time effectively and not waste it on elaborate workouts. In addition, we may not always have the right equipment at our disposal or we can’t take the supplements we need because space is tight or to avoid excess baggage.

We can help you out! Here are 5 simple tips for ensuring better fitness when you’re travelling

#1 Planning is half the battle

Your trip starts at home – because this is where you can start thinking about things. How many training units do you want to do? What kind of training can you do/do you want to do once you get where you’re going, and what will you need to do it? Find out in advance about your hotel and the surrounding area: maybe the hotel has its own gym or there might be a running track nearby – once you know, you can pack what you need.

#2 Easy, space-saving packing

Wear your sport shoes travelling. That not only saves space but it’s far more comfortable as well. They’re particularly good for city breaks because you’ll be walking around a lot anyway. And it will certainly be easier to make space in your suitcase for your other functional wear.

And here’s a tip for indoor athletes: If you still have an old RINGANA hand towel, take it with you. It will take up hardly any space and you can use it to clean the soles of your sport shoes if they get dirty.

RINGANA can help when it comes to transporting your sport supplements too. Because unlike most other suppliers, RINGANA lets you simply take SPORT boost and PACK energy in individual, single-dose sachets – you don’t need to squeeze a whole container into your suitcase.

SPORT push is just as handy – but if the dose should still prove too large, you can take our trial size instead, which contains just a daily dose.

#3 Be flexible when choosing what workout you do.

Since you’ve already thought about what you want to do while you’re away, you could also consider what type of exercise you could integrate into the trip.

Are you spending a holiday at the beach or at hot springs? Great! 30 minutes of slow breaststroke will burn off as much as 120 calories. And you won’t even need additional sportswear.

When it comes to a city break, you could maybe dispense with transport wherever possible and explore sights that are close to each other on foot. Because 30 minutes of walking will burn 90 calories.

Or hire a bike and explore the city for yourself – you’ll not only see more than when you travel by subway, but you also burn off 180 calories with half-an-hour of cycling.


#4 Maintain your eating habits

True, it’s good to break out of our routine a little when on holiday – but we should still try to maintain regular mealtimes. When we travel a lot, it’s easy to forget the time or to just quickly grab something from a fast-food outlet. You should really try to leave yourself plenty of time for meals and eat awarely. Not only will you feel full faster, but digestion will be easier on your stomach. And remember – if you do lots of sport when on holiday, you need to be extra certain that you’re getting enough protein and roughage.

A little tip: To be on the safe side, you could simply take the handy Shaker and a sachet of PACK energy with you.

#5 Drink enough

While we all remember to consume enough liquids in summer, once the weather cools down we can often forget to drink enough. So if you’re out and about all day, you should always pack something to drink. The PACK Shaker is ideal because it doesn’t take up much space and it’s easy to refill. So now there’s nothing to stop you heading off on your next trip. Bon voyage!

And find out here how you can get more movement into your everyday life as a whole.

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