Sport? I haven’t got time for it!


We’ve all been there … we promise ourselves that we’ll start getting more daily exercise but when it comes to it, all we come up with is excuses. We’re declaring war on our weaker self!

Before training is after training.

If you decide to start training, you should bear a few things in mind before you begin your actual workout: firstly, set yourself a clear goal that you can always bring to mind if you start losing your motivation.

Establish the basis for your training and how you’re going to reach your goal.

You want to lose weight?

Then it’s important that by the end of the day, you have expended more calories than you have consumed. That’s because your body can only metabolise fat in the long term if you are in a calorie deficit. To help you achieve this, you can perform a combination of cardiovascular and strength training. Don’t be afraid of strength straining, as muscles not only make you look toned but also burn the most calories. RINGANA has the perfect companion for you on your journey towards your ideal weight -that’s because the active ingredients contained in PACK d-etary and RINGANAdea__ stimulate fat-burning and can thereby help you lose weight. And if you want to provide your body with additional energy during training, you can put your faith in SPORT push, as the caffeine it contains additionally boosts fat-burning.
RINGANA also provides you with external support. Our FRESH body firming helps to keep everything smooth and toned.

You want to build muscle?

You should do more strength training. You must also ensure that you provide your body with sufficient energy before, during and after training, and that your nutritional intake actually meets your total metabolic rate.
Before training, you should consume enough carbohydrates to prevent muscle loss. If you don’t want to eat a solid meal for this, then you can use SPORT boost.
Here’s a tip for you: SPORT push additionally activates your energy reserves.
In order to repair themselves quicker, your muscles need a protein-rich meal after training. Our vegan protein powder, PACK energy, is perfect for this. The individual sachets are easy to prepare in a shaker and drink on your way home from the gym. And if you ever do have particularly stiff muscles, SPORT go is just the right thing for you. It contains chili, whose heat soothes and relaxes your muscles.

You want a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy and balanced diet in combination with plenty of exercise is the cornerstone of long-term fitness. To make the journey easier, you should keep a training and nutrition logbook in which you record your personal successes, training sessions and meals, which you can then refer back to at any time. Alongside regular meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables, the PACKS a, b and c provide essential nutrition: they contain antioxidants, precious vitamins and phytochemicals, and can therefore support your body in its daily tasks. For even more energy and to help boost your performance and training, try SPORT boost, which is now available with a new formulation.

Give it your all – just don’t give up!

Regardless of the goal you’re pursuing, we’ve noted down few Points that should help you to reach your personal goal.

1. Preparation and planning. Don’t leave anything to chance. Put your personal training plan together carefully and write down the exercises you want to do. Also remember to supply your body with enough energy to perform the way it’s supposed to. RINGANA has the right products to help you with this – before, during and after training.

2. Consistency.After you’ve decided how many times a week you want to train, set out fixed times for your workouts. This time is only for you and your physical wellbeing. You wouldn’t just cancel a meeting with your best friend or an appointment with your boss out of hand either, would you?

3. Balanced, healthy diet. Abs are made in the kitchen – last but not least, diet also plays an important role in staying physically fit. Familiarise yourself with some dietary facts and terms such as “basal metabolic rate” and put together a diet plan.


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