Sabine’s Success Story

My Success Story 2017 with RINGANA


Running has been my passion for a number of years. I enjoy exploring the trails in Upper Austria together with my dogs, Milo and Lenny. My favourite route is in the mountains around Lake Traun – after all, not only is this a beautiful area, it’s also where I grew up. As a native of Gmund, three years ago I wanted to take on a very special challenge – the mountain marathon around Lake Traun. At the beginning it seemed like a mad idea, given that up to eight months before this challenge the most I had ever run was a half-marathon. For the mountain marathon, I had to face 70 km with an altitude difference of 4,500 m.


Running has already been my passion for a number of years.

Since then, I have always been motivated by the desire to constantly take on new challenges. The biggest challenges I have faced have been the Gmund mountain marathon, the 24-hour Burgenland Tour (a 120-km run around Lake Neusiedler) and a half Iron Man in Podersdorf.

About a year ago, while I was training as a diet trainer, I got to know Sigrid Ornetzeder and Annette Starlinger – and thus also RINGANA. Since then, I have changed my diet again and RINGANA products are part of my everyday life, just like regular training. That is how this year I achieved my first overall victory in the ladies’ competition at an ultra-run – the “ÜberDrüber” marathon (63.3 km with an altitude difference of 1,950 m).


Despite that placement, this wasn’t my greatest success this year: unfortunately, a knee injury prevented me from entering any other competitions. Shortly before the RINGANA Convention in Salzburg, my physiotherapist gave me the OK to gradually start running again. So I decided on the spur of the moment that I would start with a charity run. If my knee didn’t play along, I could switch to walking and, if necessary, just stop altogether. To my great surprise, the 80 minutes were entirely pain free. Physiotherapy in conjunction with CAPS move, PACK balancing and a balanced diet had their desired effect. 🙂 After a two-month break from training, the great mood, the beautiful weather and my pleasure in running (and probably also the two SPORT push I took before the run;-) ) gave me strength, and I was able to take second place. A fantastic day that, after the Convention and the run, came to a great end with the party in the evening and some really lovely people.

Very best regards from

beautiful Upper Austria

Mag.a (FH) Schnölzer Sabine

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