After training is before training

Physical fitness from a new perspective

Anybody who thinks that physical fitness is sorted once you’ve done some exercise is on the wrong track – that’s only the start of the path to a healthier lifestyle!

If you want to get or stay fit, you need to look beyond your workout and make some decisions to boost your own fitness – because what you do after training is just as important for building muscles and losing fat.

Don’t worry: That doesn’t mean you have to go on a strict diet and give everything up. We’ve put together a list of 3 simple things that you can integrate into daily life. They should help you to find the golden mean between dreary boredom and excessive weekend partying.


Take warm showers

If you’re doing tough training, you’re not only demanding strength and performance from your body, but also complete mental concentration and attention. That’s why it’s hugely important that your body can recover completely – because real progress is only made during the regeneration phase. And what better way to switch off than under the shower? Warm water will not only help you to switch off mentally but will also activate your circulation.

And a little tip: Don’t forget to keep RINGANA’s washing and body care products in your sports bag because they’re ideal for athletes. The FRESH body wash and the FRESH shampoo cleanse thoroughly yet gently, and won’t dry your skin out even when you shower frequently. The FRESH body milk that rehydrates your skin and our SPORT go are also absolute must-haves after your workout.

Our Sport Gel with chili and ginger extracts will warm and relax your muscles after a tough workout. At the same time, the menthol-mint it contains will deliver a refreshing feel on your skin and it stimulates the circulation – so you’ll be ready for the next workout in a flash.


Watch what you eat

After you’ve relaxed, you’ll usually notice another need – you get hungry – your body needs fuel after you’ve been performing all-out. However, you should also think carefully about what you eat and choose meals that will support your body’s regeneration.

The best foods here are soya beans, green vegetables and pulses, for example, because they contain valuable roughage and micronutrients as well as carbohydrates and proteins.

If you haven’t got a cooker to hand straight after your workout, you still shouldn’t skip a meal. And that’s not a problem with RINGANA’s handy Shaker and our PACK energy – because the pre-portioned sachets not only fit into any sports bag but they’ll also provide you with a concentrated blast of protein from peas and wholegrain rice.

Taking a PACK balancing equally supports the regeneration of our muscles. Apart from the positive effect on our acid-alkali balance, our “Greenie” also contains high level of magnesium. This mineral is not only essential for the body’s own energy availability, but also has a relaxing effect so it helps to prevent muscle cramps. In addition it promotes the reduction of the lactate produced during sport which reduces our resilience – so you get a green light for your next training unit. 😉


Dreaming is fine!

Last but not least, adequate sleep also contributes to faster muscle regeneration. Tiny micro injuries to the muscles occur during sport, and your body can only recover from them when the muscles aren’t contracting. So if you want to get better and stronger, you shouldn’t stay up partying all night – because your body needs rest, both physical and mental.

We offer additional rest in a tin with our CAPS moodoo. The active ingredients they contain, such as schisandra and saffron, will help you to cope with stress situations, giving you better inner balance.

Get fit in your sleep and get a step closer to your dream ideal of physical fitness!

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