Fit and active for your holiday 🌴

Easy. Fit. Refreshed.

We bet you’re familiar with the situation… your holiday is coming up and you’re looking forward to relaxing. And you certainly don’t want to miss out on pizza, pasta or a tasty piña colada. Then you think about your body and ask yourself:


“How can I stay fit, when I’m on holiday?”


Here are 5 easy ways of getting more movement when you’re on holiday:


#1 Be well-prepared

You get into the car or board the plane, wondering whether you’ve maybe forgotten something. It’s good to know that you’re well-prepared. Often enough, travel isn’t just a challenge for our diaries, but also for our bodies, skin and hair. So all the better if you’ve got some trusty daily companions in your luggage. Our trial-size Taster Set fits in any cabin bag and will provide instant help when you’re faced with moisture-robbing air-conditioning and frequent changes of temperature.

#2 Get in the right mood

So that you don’t have to worry too much while on holiday, getting into the right frame of mind is a good idea.  Before you go, think about how often you want to train, and how. That way you’ll be well-prepared and you can pack what you need straight away. In addition, your sport kit will act as a reminder, so it will be easier for you to overcome your weaker self.

#3 Choose the right activity

You don’t have to reinvent sport. What kind of movement have you enjoyed most up to now? Maybe you fancy trying something new? Choose the activity that’s right for you! And don’t forget to apply some good sun protection if you’re doing sport in the sun.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

‍ Yoga: Yoga classes are often available on the beach in the morning or at sunset. Yoga is great for activating your breathing, and for stretching and strengthening your muscles.

Running: There’s nothing better for building your stamina than running on a sandy beach to the sound of the waves. It will train your body tension and physical coordination, and pump fresh oxygen all over your body.

 Swimming:  Beside paddling in the pool or the sea, add in some aqua jogging.

Cycling: Explore your new environment by bike instead of the tourist bus.

Power training: In the gym, in your room or on the beach. You’ll keep your body fit with just 3–5 simple full-body power exercises.

Water sport: Simply try out something new – surfing, stand-up paddling, kite-surfing or aqua-fitness in the pool.

#4 Drink enough liquids

You’ve probably heard a million times that drinking a lot of liquid is important. But how seriously do you take that really? Our water requirement rises enormously if we’re on holiday somewhere hot. Then it’s a pleasure to quench our thirst and restore energy. Our handy, toxin-free SPORT bottle and our isotonic electrolytic drink SPORT boost, with valuable BCCA and iron are a wonderful combination. Simply brilliant when you’re doing Sport!

#5 Just do

Do. It’s that simple. Full stop.
Imagine that you’ve returned from holiday without doing what you planned. That’s demotivating. Fight it! Make a decision now to keep an eye on your body on holiday as well. Be stronger than your biggest excuse!


“Staying fit on holiday should and can be easy.

Enjoy doing sport!”


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