Behind the scenes

Who’s behind the RINGANA SPORT blog? ;-)

At RINGANA lots of ideas have a personal background – and that’s also the case with the RINGANA SPORT blog. It is only possible to create and produce the blog if there’s plenty of enthusiasm behind the scenes. Hooray…. check! Under the motto of “in-house is IN and outsourcing is OUT” our five-member creative team is busily writing all about sport, to bring you inspiration and motivation.


Now we bet you’re asking who’s on the team? Today, we’re happy to let you in on the secret and reveal who we are.



#1 Lucy So healthy!


Our creative boss has her eye on the big picture and is constantly motivating us with new ideas. A lover of outdoor sports, she’s into swimming, cycling and running – because Lucy is an ardent endurance athlete. And it’s not just her feet but also her brain that’s “so sporty!” Her interest in sport is also what determined her choice of professional training: she studied nutritional science at the University of Vienna, majoring in sports science. She is happy to share her wide knowledge – from boosting athletic performance to nutrition for athletes – on the RINGANA SPORT blog. And speaking of which, Lucy wrote the “Pack your swimwear” article.


#2 Lukas –  So relaxing!


As the only man in our team, we have to admit – it isn’t always easy for him. Nonetheless, we’d really miss him if he wasn’t there (and vice versa, we’re sure). His laid-back personality simply helps to rein us in. Lukas is a volleyball professional. At the tender age of 12 he was mad about team sports and having played in over 500 Federal League matches for TSV Hartberg, he enjoyed plenty of successes (Austrian Cup winner, taking part in the European Cup). He has also played for the Austrian national team. And let’s not forget his training as a volleyball instructor. WOW – so proud! You can read a blog article from Lukas here.


#3 Melanie – So creativ!


““Untidy? OH NO! There are so many ideas just lying around here.” Melanie, affectionately known as “Meli” is our creative, somewhat chaotic, and pretty funny thinker. Our Meli finds it a “light” task to come up with exciting and interesting content for the RINGANA SPORT blog. To stay fit, she trains around 3 times a week at the gym. She combines her love of sport with her other passion: blogging. Meli shares different lifestyle topics and inspiring travel tips with her followers and readers. Cue: Travel – staying fit when travelling. Meli reveals how here: “Travel and stay sporty


#4 Jeanine – So special!


“Small but powerful” precisely sums up our Jeanine. And why? She is a proud 1.55 cm tall and she’s dynamic – both professionally and when it comes to sport. This snow lover is a qualified trainer for fitsport + alpine skiing and she’s also impressive as a club skier. To stay fit, our “little” sport dynamo trains 4 times a week. Whether it’s power training at the gym, cycling or running outdoors – she’s always going at top speed. You can read Jeanine’s sport tips here..


#5 Sabrina – So new!


Sabrina has been reinforcing our team since mid-August. Not so mad about sport to begin with, now she’s in the starting blocks… sporting motivation from her colleagues has quickly taken effect. “Knowing that everybody in the team is passionate about sport encouraged me to do more for my body and get started – I’d call it peer pressure!” Believing that training as part of a group is a powerful incentive, she now enjoys the fiery rhythms of zumba once or twice a week, and a power workout as well. It’s never too late to start! (P.S.: “Behind the scenes” is my first blog article, by the way)


And to end off:

Athletes aren’t only on the big stages – we have loads of them at RINGANA as well.

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