Aiming for fitness – are you on the right track?

What is your goal when you practise sport? Building muscle, stamina, losing weight? Or do you practise sport simply to stay fit?

Have you ever asked yourself whether your daily routine fits with your training goal?

Here are a couple of important points that you should definitely bear in mind:

Adequate sleep

Apart from eating and drinking, sleep is one of our most important basic needs. Those who suffer from a lack of sleep over an extended period can expect their physical and mental performance to decline. Sleep is an essential building block for ensuring optimum regeneration for body and mind. On average, an adult should sleep for seven to eight hours in order to feel refreshed and achieve the best performance best throughout the day.

But: Too much sleep can also be unhealthy. The body gets used to sleep phases and durations. That is why on Saturdays and Sundays our inner clock is still attuned to the weekday waking phase. This explains why you also wake up at the usual time when you have a day off. If you continue sleeping, you will wake up more frequently from that time, and your sleep will have a less refreshing effect, leaving you feeling tired and worn out all day.

So it’s important to find your personal sleep duration in order to complete effective training. The body can process that training better. This also has a positive effect on the time you need for regeneration. You will feel rested and start the day feeling fit. Find out more here.



RINGANA recommends: the PACK cleansing contains lots of healthy fibre from konjac root, oats and acacia. They’ll help you start the day full of energy.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking, alcohol and sport? Stop! Smoking stops the body from achieving its physical potential. Toxins are absorbed that impede our intake of oxygen. But our bodies need loads of oxygen to optimally train the heart, circulatory system and muscles.

Even a long night of partying can reduce our training level. Alcohol dehydrates the body and extracts nutrients. This significantly increases the risk of muscle cramps. Consuming alcohol can also increase our stress levels.



Tip: CAPS sun give smokers an added boost when it comes to combatting harmful free radicals. No matter what goal you are pursuing: it’s never too late to stop smoking.


If we are overstressed, production of the stress hormone cortisol increases, making us irritable and tense. This cortisol is the “antidote” to testosterone. Testosterone helps us to build muscle. Cortisol inhibits the breakdown of fatty tissue, making it harder for you to achieve your training goals.

After training, we feel far more relaxed and stronger. Regular training helps to build up resistance to stress, so we respond in a more relaxed way to pressure.

CAPS moodoo contain Indian basil (also known as tulsi). According to the Indian system of Ayurveda, it has a soothing effect on our nervous system and psyche. Schisandra is appreciated in alternative medicine as an adaptogen. This means it is said to help the body adapt better to stress situations. For better mental balance, this product also contains saffron. Saffron increases serotonin levels in the body so it can help to lift the mood.



Can you make a statement in you favour about all of the above points? If so, you’re on the right track.   But if you are still having difficulties, have another think, and get your daily routine into shape for fitness.


With RINGANA SPORT and your sporting willpower, you can do it! We’re happy to accompany you on your athletic journey.

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