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“Training yesterday was so exhausting, and now I have to do knee bends all over again…” a key factor for athletic success is training, training, training. Even though the ski season has just ended and amateur athletes are getting a temporary break from winter sport, Anna Veith says that “winter athletes are made in summer.” Anna has found a couple of favourites in the RINGANA range that provide her with optimum support when she’s training. They include RINGANA SPORT push – because the magnesium it contains helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, while potassium promotes muscle function. “I also have days when I think to myself: Oh, no, not knee bends again! But I have set myself clear goals and I have to get the better of my weaker self.”

„I particularly like the RINGANA products because of their natural ingredients. And the fact that everything is also produced sustainably in Austria makes them just perfect,” the world-class athlete says.

Variety is hugely important to Anna during her summer training. What she likes most is to be outdoors in nature and, of course, in the mountains. That’s why climbing tours or mountain bike excursions are also firmly planned in.

Once she has exhausted her legs completely from all that cycling, she starts her unconventional relaxation programme: “What I like doing best straight after a cycling tour is to get in up to my thighs in the ice-cold valley stream close to my home. The icy water is refreshing and really does me good.” Later on at home, she uses RINGANA SPORT go. This is also one of Anna’s favourites in the RINGANA range.

Complementary training – such as climbing or mountain biking – is a welcome change for Anna Veith, particularly in summer. You can follow her activities on Anna’s Instagram channel and/or on her Facebook page. © Anna Veith/Instagram/Facebook


Interview with Anna Veith

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