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How a special brand message comes into being

A face-to-face meeting and mutual empathy developed into a partnership between RINGANA and Olympic skiing champion Anna Veith. In appointing a Brand Ambassador, RINGANA is breaking completely new ground. Andreas Wilfinger, RINGANA founder and managing director: “Before we got to know Anna Veith, celebrity advertising was taboo for us. But then a meeting at the Fresh Factory got the ball rolling. Our shared values and the enormous potential persuaded Ulla and me to appoint a Brand Ambassador. The way in which this partnership was implemented was also entirely in keeping with the RINGANA credo to “do it differently to the way others do”. That means Anna Veith will be sharing her personal passion for RINGANA on her own channels and on RINGANA’s online platforms.


Great oaks from little acorns grow

It is not only naturalness, health-consciousness and authenticity that Anna Veith and RINGANA have in common: both have also had to learn how to cope with setbacks. The founder duo, Ulla Wannemacher and Andreas Wilfinger, for example, didn’t give up in 1996 when the retail industry laconically said “there’s the door” to them because, owing to their natural, highly potent active ingredients, their products didn’t have the desired shelf-life. What did the two do? They didn’t give up but started selling their fresh products directly from the factory to their customers.

This single-mindedness and a belief in what they are doing similarly connects the entrepreneurial pair with skiing star Anna Veith. Her career has also had its ups and downs. She has long since won every prize going for skiing. At the age of 26 she suffered the worst of all knee injuries – and nonetheless she came back. She refused to accept that her career was over, and she didn’t give up. After a lengthy training phase, she is now raring to go and is eagerly looking forward to ski racing.

Interview with Anna Veith

In the first part of our interview series “Talking to Anna Veith” we reveal what #everystep means personally for Anna.

To be continued. So stay tuned 😉

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